Saturday, 14 September 2013


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Here goes!

Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Clothesline for dummies

Last week, I loaded the clothesline and headed out on errands/lunch. I came home to the clothesline on the ground and the clean clothes slightly damp.... Yes, after approx 7 years, it gave up and split. The next day, I was in the hardware store so I picked up some new line. Today, Hubby and I got the clothesline threaded through the wheels and all attached. One problem, the join is at the top. Big mistake... You can't have a wheelie-thingamajig to hold the clothesline together so that it doesn't drag the clothes on the ground. Oops. So I took all the laundry that was on the line and tried to take the connector off and reattach it on the lower section. No can do. My grip strength is lacking in that regard. Lovely. Must now let laundry sag until it is dry and then after supper, get Hubby to help. Lesson learned. For posterity: I need 150 feet of clothesline.

Sunday, 3 June 2012

French as a second language

This past week, I had the privilege of watching my son in grade 1 perform in a mini play in French class. What a wonderful experience! The kids were really engaged and seemed to be enjoying what they were doing. He is now incorporating the text from the play in everyday conversation!

On the other hand, it was a bittersweet experience because the school board recently announced that the are cutting the French as a second language program for the early primary years. My son will not have French class at school now until grade 4. Whatever he has learned this year will be a faint memory by that time. What bothers me most about this change is that the parents were never consulted. Yes the board had a right to cut the program seeing as it was optional. However, a poll of the parents may have been in order. Instead we got a blurb in the newsletter explaining that since other boards don't teach French in the primary grades, they were cutting the program. My immediate response was: "If all your friends are jumping off a bridge, will you jump off as well?".

Thursday, 22 March 2012

Unfriending on Facebook

A friend posted as part of her status that she is saddened by how people dismiss their friends with just a click of the mouse.  No phone call, no face to face encounter, not even a "Dear John" letter.  I have also been musing on this topic for some time.

First of all, there are as many different FB styles as there are different people!  I, for one, choose my friends on FB with care and consideration.  If you are my FB friend, you have either been a friend for years or you are someone that I appreciate and want to get to know better.  There are others who just want to see how many friends they can have on FB.... they could be your brother's friends' cousin's girlfriend's aunt for all they care.  It's just an opportunity to connect with people.  And then there are those that fall somewhere in between.

Second, there are people who manage their friends list on a regular basis.  For example, if you didn't wish them Happy Birthday, bye bye! (on a side note, if you use the FB iPod app that I use, you will probably miss lots of birthdays because they are buried inside the events menu... not as easy as on the desktop version where birthdays are announced in bold on the right hand side of your newsfeed)

Third, I wonder how many people out there know that you can manage your newsfeed.  If you are tired of hearing my posts about the weather and how I am becoming a Hobbit by eating breakfast for 3 meals a day... You can hide me from the Newsfeed.  We are still friends.  I still see your updates, but in order to see mine, you must actually go to my wall/timeline... Whatever it is currently called.

Fourth, sometimes it is FB's fault and accidents happen.  During a particular day, your friend count can fluctuate on FB for no apparent reason.  One day, my friend got a phone call from her friend asking why she had disappeared from FB.  My friend was in shock.  She had never deleted that person.  All is well because someone picked up the phone.  Then there is my cousin.  We still have no clue what happened. Not only did I get deleted, his account actually blocked me....If I hadn't found other methods of communication, our only chance to talk would be Christmas cards!

So, before you unfriend someone on FB, take the time to think about it and maybe pick up the phone and give them a quick call.  Friends are precious.